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Accommodating religion in the workplace

From the outset, Patterson made it clear that he would be unavailable for shifts during the Sabbath.

In response, Walgreens accommodated his religious request for several years.

Patterson refused both to report for work in violation of his religious beliefs and to look for another internal position.

Walgreens then terminated his employment, and Patterson sued.

Although religions are defined by how similar they are compared to “traditionally” recognized religions, the judicial inquiry is whether the religious beliefs are religious in nature, not whether they are real, truthful or orthodox.

The goal of determining whether a belief or practice is religious is to toss out frivolous lawsuits, such as the case of the man who claimed that eating cat food was central to his faith.

Rather than assist Patterson with such effort, Walgreens management advised him to look for another Walgreens position for which his Sabbath observance would not be an issue and could be more easily accommodated.

Management further informed him that it could not guarantee honoring his religious observance, as part of his future employment with Walgreens.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the regulatory agency charged with upholding the federal government’s anti-discrimination laws, defines religion as moral or ethical beliefs as to what is right or wrong which are sincerely held with the strength of traditional religious beliefs.Religious belief discrimination is unequal treatment based on religion, including religious practices or observance.Religious discrimination includes unequal treatment because of religion, neutral rules which have an adverse effect on those with religious beliefs, and harassment based on religion.To what extent may an employee’s religious practices be legally protected in the workplace?When former Walgreens employee Darrell Patterson refused to violate his Saturday Sabbath observance for a mandatory training, Walgreens fired him.

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Harassment includes creating or maintaining a hostile work environment against religion.

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