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While that might be the more popular arrangement, not all Sugar Babies are women. They were doing things I knew I could not afford to do while in school because of the relationships they were in.Here, three twentysomething men who met Sugar Mamas through the Sugar Baby dating site, Seeking, explain what the experience was like: Man A: Twenty-two. I saw them traveling with their partners and having fancy dinners.What we also love about Match is you can block/report inappropriate users and hide your profile from the ones who may be bothering you.When you think of "Sugar Baby," odds are, you probably imagine the typical "young woman with a wealthier old man" stereotype. Man C: I joined Seeking Arrangement because I had friends in college who had joined.Man A: I’m sure people didn’t pay attention to the age difference. We never showed PDA in public and rarely kissed in public. I think society maybe isn’t used to seeing older women with younger men, so that was the original shock.However, we very quickly got into our own little world and the curiosity didn’t bother us.She was really proud of my accomplishments in school so sometimes she would give me cash gifts or a check to go reward myself for hard work.

We once sampled an 18-course caviar menu and it took four hours. Sometimes our dates are very casual and sometimes we do extravagant things.

A reasonable bill that I could pick up would be about 0 or so.

Man A: We discussed payment, or an allowance, after a few weeks of dating. We’ve gone out to many nice dinners, she’s treated me to nice shoes and outfits for school, as well as gifts for my birthday and Christmas, etc. Man B: I don’t think I would call it a “payment.” She paid for dates most of the time, because she has the means to do so. She pays for most of our dinners and outings, and often times she gifts me money or with other things.

My friends give me grief, but I’m a serial monogamist. Man A: A typical date usually started off meeting for lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant in the city where we live.

Man A: We dated from November 2016 to around July/August 2017. Sometimes if our schedules allowed, we’d go for a walk or do something fun in the more popular neighborhoods, like go to a museum or out for coffee.

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The most expensive thing we did together was go to Cancun for a mini vacation and stay at a private resort for the week.