An unexpected error occurred while updating files is akshaye khanna dating

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Now I have followed the instructions on the pamphlet in which I got the DVD.

Download and run the tool available for the antivirus you used before installing Windows Defender.

More and more Windows Defender users are reporting they can’t turn on Microsoft’s built-in antivirus program due to various errors: some of them can’t install the latest updates, while others can’t get the software to perform a quick scan.

Today, we’re adding a new issue on the list, as many users have reported they can’t turn on the real-time protection feature in Windows Defender due to the “An unexpected problem occurred” error.

Then restart your computer and Windows Defender should be able to install the latest updates.

In addition to antivirus removal tools, you can also use uninstaller applications to remove your antivirus.

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By default, Windows 10 will automatically install the missing updates, but sometimes you might miss an update due to certain bugs.

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