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Anonymous sex hookups

And regardless of where you land on the sexual spectrum, you're likely to have an opinion about no-strings-attached sex.Although some folks think it's NBD and a natural part of life to hit it and quit it, others deem casual sex too emotionally taxing or physically risky to engage in — and even destructive or immoral.According to a study conducted by Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University of Texas, a combination of "higher levels of sexual gratification," viewing your partner as "sexually competent," and initiating contact are all predictors for reduced casual sex regret, which is often driven by feelings of "disgust." The logic goes, if you're the one making the initial overture, you're more likely certain about your choice, and therefore not as predisposed to find the interaction as cringeworthy afterwards.Although, let's get real: the sex itself does have quite an impact on how you feel about the dalliance in the end.

Yes, friends: cuffing season is officially upon us, the time of year when Tinder goes into hibernation mode and singles turn into couples (at least temporarily).

Lead researcher of the study (and sex-positive science pioneer) Zhana Vrangalova affirmed that it's important to know your limits, boundaries, and sociosexual orientation before you decide to have — or not have — a NSA hookup.

Even if your sociosexual orientation makes you more likely to enjoy casual sex, that doesn't always mean you'll orgasm — particularly if you're a woman.

In a study published in the journal , researchers surveyed 371 college students over the course of nine months and found that sociosexually unrestricted folks gained self-esteem and satisfaction and had lower levels of anxiety following casual sexual interactions.

Conversely, sociosexually restricted individuals did not experience these results.

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And if it’s leaving you unfulfilled, consider the many other sex and relationship options out there.

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