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Ashiqq dating site

Cos it's like an extra week-end for myself, since there's no classes on Fridays. But uhm, actually, I've been making myself busy on Tumblr. As time passes, Chander misses Pooja after recalling the moments they had on her birthday and decides to go meet her but is intercepted by Mathur and a squad of policemen and is then taken to the police station for interrogation where Pooja's father reveals that she has been missing for two days.Mathur and his officers try to assault Chander but he fights back and escapes from the police station.This leads to a misunderstanding between Pooja and Chander that causes them to have a fallout and Chander returns to his home where Pooja calls him to tell him that she learned the truth and wants to meet him.However, Chander is enraged and does not want to speak to her.

He told Mum that his last day of job will be on 5th November, after which I'm not sure if Dad's gonna get another job or something.

Sapna's friend Pooja (Karisma Kapoor) is with Sapna when Chander helps Sapna run away from home. Pooja begins calling Chander anonymously on the phone and calls herself "dream girl" and flirts with him, making him happy and curious to find out who she is.

From that moment Pooja falls madly in love with Chander. This enrages Sapna's brother who harbors a grudge against Chander and tries to arrest him at any opportunity. Chander's father (Anupam Kher) is an advocate and loves his only son since only two of them live together in their house, hence their relationship was really good.

I've already sent you the HTML code for your skin, alright.

Chander (Bobby Deol) helps his friend marry his lover named Sapna (Mrinal Kulkarni) against Sapna's brother, Mathur who is a suspended police officer.

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Chander's father helped him to find out who was "dream girl" by tricking her to come to a wedding of another man named Chander.

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