Backdating council tax benefit

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Backdating council tax benefit

You can get help paying for housing with your Universal Credit payment instead. You can claim in advance by up to 13 weeks (or 17 weeks if you’re aged 60 or over), for example if you’re moving.You will not usually get any money before you move.If you can get housing benefit, the letter tells you the first day of your entitlement.You can ask for a review if you think the housing benefit decision is wrong.You can still make a new claim if you’re already getting other benefits.You can claim Housing Benefit as part of your application for other benefits.If you claimed backdated council tax support, any backdated support will be shown on your council tax bill.

Apply through your local council if you’re only making a new claim for Housing Benefit.

You can request for your claim to start from an earlier date.

To do this you will need to make a written request for your claim to be backdated and you can do this by completing our backdating application form, providing us with the date you want your claim to start and why you feel you claim should be backdated.

You do not need to request backdating and you do not need to show continuous good cause for this period.

When we receive your backdated application we will decide whether to allow or refuse your request based on the information you have provided.

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If you’re unhappy with the response you can appeal the decision.

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