Best friends dating stories

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Best friends dating stories

I thanked her for her offer and commented that the sofa was very comfortable.

She kissed me on the cheek and said that I didnt need to sleep on the sofa.

Fucking my best friends mom was the very last thing I could think of when I went to his home. She said I didnt need to leave, as she had just made a pot of coffee and invited me to a cup.

Then we got in the 69 position before she straddled me and took a wicked ride.

I began finger-fucking her with my right hand, while my tongue was licking at her clitoris. I was between her legs for nearly a half-hour when she screamed for me to fuck her. She reached forward and, for a moment, sucked my cock, which was fully erect, before letting me penetrate her.

It was a savage fuck, as I was so excited as this wasnt some girl that I knew, but this was actually a woman, and I wanted to demonstrate to her that I could do a good job. She spent the next 20 minutes moaning and gasping in between curses of how great it felt, until I pulled out and, like in a porn movie, splattered her face with my cum.

True to her words, her pussy was well saturated with her vaginal secretions; but it wasnt my first time eating pussy, and I soon gave her something to really moan about.

I licked and tongue-fucked her for about 10 minutes when she experienced her first orgasm, but this was just the start. I kicked off my sneakers and pushed down my jeans and underwear in one motion.

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I did so by pinning her against the tile wall and penetrating her from behind.

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