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Pisces and Capricorn are two opposite poles attracting each other.The dreamy, creative Pisces will draw the earthly Capricorn towards it and their strong faith in achieving their dreams will inspire the Capricorn too.[Click here for schedule of upcoming PAIRS for Love, for Life classes in South Florida.] In the words of PAIRS graduates ..."My husband and I have been searching for tools to enable us to navigate through our problems ...Dive into wet mature pussy with our source and enjoy nude mature boobs and all holes here!NAKED MATURE WOMEN: Horny mature girlfriends and sexy ex-wives with big tits and lonely moms show their homemade sex pictures and nude selfs-hots, they posted amateur porn pictures to find friends and sex partners!While Pisces will make sure the Capricorn enjoys creative moments, the Capricorn will keep the Pisces rooted to the ground when they are sailing too deep in the abysmal ocean.Pisces always stay away from Virgo who can’t understand their dreamy nature.

PAIRS for Love, for Life classes give engaged, committed and married same sex couples tools for greater relationship resiliency and opportunities to remain a pleasure in each other's lives so that "can do," and "we do," also includes a "will do" that stands the test of time.

the distance between us has grown to the point we don’t communicate.

I have considered separation in our failure to resolve past trauma in our relationship ...

Keep in mind there are no guarantees that a certain birth order combination will lead automatically to a successful or miserable marriage.

But the point is that there are ) First Born Plus First Born Equals Power Struggle As we've already seen with George and Shirley, when two perfectionistic first borns get together, there is a bumping of heads (i.e., a power struggle).

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