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“I haven’t had anything but positive reaction from partners.

By positive I mean they don’t care that I’m bi”, says Jonathan, 30.

“For example, in the media, people on soap operas and the like are often presented as having gone from straight to gay or vice versa.

There's no understanding that they might be bisexual, even though bisexuals are the biggest group under the LGBT umbrella.”Almost anyone who identifies as bi will likely remember the times someone has told them they’ll “get over it”, but, in case you can’t empathise from personal experience, its not hard to find examples of celebrities having their identities questioned (or ignored) in the public eye.

The American Psychological Association states that "sexual orientation falls along a continuum.

As opposed to a girl I dated last year, where the idea of being bisexual really didn’t rub her the right way.

She said it was hard for her to grasp the idea of me being able to do that. I think people think a bisexual man is just a gay man. I haven’t seen this preconception being projected upon women as much as it is toward men."Among the top concerns of bi men I talked to were the idea of the “competition” their partners had expressed concern that they might face.

I was concerned that I would not be taken as seriously as a professional, and for those reasons I have never previously been out at work.”It’s not all horrible news though: the times are changing.

“In the 1980s and 90s bisexual men were generally only represented in the media as evil predators”, says Meg-John. Research was published – and widely publicised – which claimed that bisexual men were 'gay, straight, or lying'.

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In other words, that people are either straight or they are gay.

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