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He won an Emerging Designer of the Year Award from the Entrepreneurs on the Move.Trendy organized a candlelit shrine shortly after Britney Spears was admitted to Cedars-Sinai hospital.

Stern and Larry Birkhead around the sale of the home," the two men actually worked together on the deal.According to , the former model died of an "accidental overdose" of at least nine prescription drugs.She'd been extremely ill, suffering from a stomach flu, and had been mixing medications for that as well as meds for "anxiety, depression and insomnia." Her refusal to go to the hospital is what ultimately lead to her demise, but according to a statement by Stern's lawyers, Smith stayed put, because "she did not want the media frenzy that follows her." reported that Stern, along with two doctors, were charged with several felony counts of conspiracy and other charges related to fraudulent prescriptions — Stern faced six charges, and each doctor faced seven.Essentially, Smith joined Marshall's disinherited son in a lawsuit attempting to claim a piece of the billion-dollar estate that was left entirely to Marshall's other son, Pierce. Meanwhile, Smith filed a bankruptcy claim in California, "alleging that Pierce had interfered with her potential inheritance." This resulted in an infamous 4 million judgement in her favor, which was thrown out by an appeals court who stated that the California suit was invalid "since it had been previously decided in a Texas state court." That's where the Supreme Court got involved — twice.Agreeing to hear two cases related to "whether a federal court in California had jurisdiction over a Texas probate matter," SCOTUS never awarded a penny to Smith, but opened the door for further legal battles to drag on, which they did.

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A lawyer speaking on behalf of Stern additionally told On top of playing realtor, Howard K.

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