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Clearcase updating merge comments

If the version in the snapshot view is different from the version in the VOB selected by the config spec, copies the version selected by the config spec into the view.

The version in the view can be different if, for example, the selected version in the VOB is newer, or if a label is attached to the selected version in the VOB, but not to the version in the view update does not apply to files or directories that are checked out to the current view.

After that, I realised the mistake and checked out the file and then checked it in, (say version 4).

Again, I checked out the file and made some changes and checked it in (say version 5).

This command downloads the specified files to the workspace. Default: update prompts for confirmation of the elements to be updated.

Permissions Checking: No special permissions required. However, update does not in all circumstances prompt you to confirm all the elements to be updated.

As you said, I simply referred RTC to use the Clearcase compare tool, navigating to " but when I try to compare a certain file in RTC, using this tool, I get an error message about a "dll" file missing dependency.A good read of Clear Case’s basic concepts is can be found in this Stack Overflow post. I have updated a file without doing check out, after updating it asked me that it is in read only mode still u want to make the changes , and by mistake I clicked on yes.Wildcard patterns are expanded with reference to the view.In addition, arguments of the form @ as pathname arguments.

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