Colunga dating

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I'm also kinda disappointed that people are discussing his looks, but no one is saying anything else about him. R48, he is escorting in Hungary, and travels to Germany and the UK quite frequently.

I have seen a few of his bodybuilding pictures, and have found his Facebook profile - he appears to be straight indeed, even if he labels himself as bisexual in his escort profile.

Also, both of them look like they are related to Tan Mom - the overcooked steak look is not flattering to anyone. I feel ya R61 but I do find the "he's hot/not" discussion sort of interesting.

He made films under the names Norbert Somlay, Fred Fele and Giovanni Floretto.In 1986 when she turned 16 she got her first leading role in Yesenia, a historical telenovela.She earned more fame after she played lead role in the iconic Quinceaera.He had a Facebook profile under his real name which showed him with his girlfriend in Budapest. BTW: he identifies as straight though he has done dozens of gay porn films and more often was the bottom.R3 as far as I know, he still has a Facebook profile, and is still offering his services through Gay Romeo.

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Oh well, at least we'll always have old pictures of him. R41, there are people paying hundred of euros to spend an hour with him.