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Consolidating debt with credit card companies

The plan allows for 1) paying off unsecured debt included in the plan within 5 years or less, 2) reduced interest and fees, 3) one monthly payment, 4) personalized support, and 5) may assist in building or rebuilding your credit if consistent payments are made.

Individual financial education and support are key to the long term success of a DMP and reputable agencies such as CCCSMD take a holistic approach, providing financial counseling and education to explore repayment options that will help you achieve your financial goals.

There are no monthly payments on the qualifying debt, but certain debts typically cannot be included such as 1) child and spousal support, 2) income taxes incurred in the last three years, 3) some pending legal awards, and 4) student loans (unless there are extreme circumstances where there is proven repayment hardship).

CCCSMD can help you navigate through the different options available.

First, there is no guarantee that debt settlement companies will be able to reach a settlement agreement with your creditors.You also might inadvertently miss a payment, which could adversely impact your credit score.Credit card debt consolidation might also be a good option for anyone who owes more on their credit cards than they can afford to repay.For over 50 years, accredited nonprofit consumer credit counseling service agencies (CCCS) have been offering a different type of service called a Debt Management Plan, which allows them to structure payment plans with creditors and to stop late fees or collection efforts.Once set up, the DMP allows you to make a single monthly payment to a consumer credit counseling agency such as Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Maryland and Delaware, Inc. In turn, the counseling agency disburses your monthly payments to the creditors that have agreed to the DMP.

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Through consolidation, you could potentially reduce your overall debt.