Consolidating erp systems

Posted by / 05-Aug-2020 16:12

Our ERP systems allow for multiple independent companies (legal entities) to be managed independently of each other, each company with its own database.Companies can be organized in groups, and consolidate into a separate company at the top of the group.Each consolidating group company can have its own activity, added to the consolidated information loaded.Financial Reports and other Results Statements can be displayed and printed for the consolidating group companies.

Many CIOs that I have met have over five ERPs, a select few with more than forty.

A multi-ERP scenario is common place in many companies.

In companies with an international presence, it is almost inevitable.

This however, usually requires an existing EDW to be available, or at least multiple data warehouses.

Even when this is available, it now takes an army of business and data analysts to put together a solution, one business area at a time.

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When all the reporting is being done with real time data, the need for using Excel as a dumping ground will greatly diminish.

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