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OK, hard drive real‑estate isn't that costly now, but if you're planning to transfer projects via a web‑based delivery system (an FTP site, Dropbox or Yousendit, for example), file storage and upload/download speeds are a real issue.When bouncing tracks down as audio, try to make use of options for organising the naming.This is perfect if you've tracked and comped some parts in a studio using Pro Tools, but want to export the session for mixing in another DAW at home.In some DAWs, the process is a little more fiddly than in Pro Tools.That way, whatever changes in technology come along, you'll be able to re‑open the project in any multitrack software.Depending on which DAW (and version) you use, bouncing the files may appear a daunting process.

At its most basic, your edits will be intact, but you won't get the results of any plug‑in processing.If you're planning to transfer via the web instead, none of this matters, though there are some further considerations that I'll discuss later.Let's start by looking at MIDI file transfers, because that's the easiest element of any project to export.To get around this, you have two options, the first of which is to use a FAT32‑formatted drive (which is read/writable on both operating systems), and the second to install software (freebies are available) that enables your OS to read drives of the other format.If you're working with very large files, such as HD video, or audio projects in a single ZIP file, you'll need to use the latter approach, as FAT32 can't deal with single files over 4GB in size.

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