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Consolidating tracks in pro tools

I opened a file that I had been working on and it said something about 6 invalid files or regions.

In the session, there was 6 tracks in a song that were missin, and in there place was the tracks from another song (that was later in the session).

Now click on the track name in the track list (to the left of the main Arrange area) so that all the regions on a track are selected. When you're done, go to the Audio Files folder associated with the session, sort by Date Created, grab all the ones you just made and copy 'em to your PT session. This gives me a single track that starts at Bar 1 regardless of where the actual audio starts. it only exports tracks that are not muted and i don't think it works for tdm tracks. it will automatically start each track from bar one and it does not export effects, volume or panning. Export menu also features several Export functions for Regions and tracks.

Click the track, and all the regions on it are selected, then click the selected regions with the glue tool.

There's also the Convert Regions to Individual Audio Files, which won't glue them but make individual new copies.

When the starting point is important you have two choices: A) Bounce the relevant track.

Cmd click any mute button and unmute the track before bouncing.

You can use the locator bar to set the start/stop points, or you can type them in the bounce dialog window.

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So your Finder hierarchy wil look like this: (The stuff in brackets tells you if it is a filder or filename, this you wont see) Audio Drive- -- Album X (folder)- -- Big Rock Song (folder) -- Big Rock Song_01(filename) Big Rock Song_02(filename) Big Rock Song_03(filename) Audio Files (folder) Sampler Instruments (folder) I've been doing this for years and never lost data, unless my Mac crashed mid recording and I didn't have time to save.

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