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Frankly, I’m not sure what made me ask the question “When’s the last time you took a bent-over-backward, head-between-the-legs look at your anus in the mirror?” But I’m sure glad I did: 26 percent of you have gotten eye to eye within the past year, 21 percent within the past month, 19 percent haven’t done it since childhood.I asked hetero dudes, “Which of the following items do you most often find up your ass?” and (perhaps not so surprisingly), the majority went for the jokey answer: “Your own metaphorical head” (57 percent), followed more tellingly by “Your lover’s finger” (18 percent), “Your own finger” (16 percent) and “A dildo or vibrator” (9 percent).We’re getting tight on space, so I’ll whip off the last two questions: The results on “The most glorious but underutilized old-school sex act” is: dry humping (36 percent), heavy petting (33 percent), the titty-fuck (20 percent) and the tea bag (10 percent).And the sexual faux pas people find most unappealing are: bad hygiene (69 percent), awkward kissing (14 percent), monotonous maneuvers (11 percent) and postcoital apathy (6 percent). Drop the meth, kick that TV evangelist out of your bed and stop pining for the days when political sex scandals included women—we’ve got some serious business to attend to: The results are in from the 2006 sex poll.After some hard-core number crunching, and a detailed analysis of all the filthy nympho-mation you in the “Get Naked” community supplied me with, I’m happy to report that New York can no longer be considered a blue or red state—it is now more of that tapioca color that occurs when spooge dries on a set of 500-thread-count Wamsutta ivory sheets.

Since secret sex lives seem to be all the rage, I asked the question: “If you could be 100 percent assured of getting away with having an affair, with no repercussions to your relationship (or your partner), would you do it?“True or false: You’re often tempted to buy Magnum condoms even though you don’t really need them.” Answers: false (89 percent), true (11 percent).“True or false: You have far better orgasms alone with your toys than with another human being” Answers: false (55 percent), true (45 percent).And 34 percent of you—who claim you’ve never done such a thing—either don’t know how to make the most of your free time or are lying.In another one of those finish-the-sentence jobbers, I wrote, “The sex-related trend I despise the most is...,” to which you responded: piercings of any kind (38 percent), Web-porn obsession (25 percent), ass obsession (21 percent) and, lastly, pubic-hair shaving (15 percent).


“Which of the following makes you the most out-of-your-mind horny?

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