Dahilan ng pagdating ng kastila sa pilipinas Free sex chat lines for fla

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Dahilan ng pagdating ng kastila sa pilipinas

Around in morning of the following day, Bonifacio launched a surprise attack.

Despite being generally armed only with with bolo knives,a few guns, bamboo spears and amulets or anting-antings, this Katipunan army force successfully captured the magazine that was guarded by colonial Spanish infantry and artillerymen.

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The Spanish commander and some of the artillerymen were killed, prompting a retreat of the remaining 100 or so enemy forces towards the nearby Manila water works deposit office building, the El Deposito.

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The Katipuneros then regrouped at Santa Mesa, and decided to courageously engage the arriving Spanish reinforcements and the enemy forces in El Deposito.

The engagement started as early as It was a bloody sight, a one-sided battled, with the mostly bolo-armed Katipunero heroically soldiers fighting the enemy forces in the gallant bid to liberate the country.

If failed to smother the Filipino's revolutionary spirit as the blood let at what is now Pinaglabanan merely nourished the determination of the people to carry on the struggle for freedom.

News of the battles awakened the revolutionary spirit of the inhabitants of nearby towns of Santa Mesa, San Pedro de Makati, Caloocan, Pandacan, Pateros, Taguig, Balic-Balic, and also Noveleta, San Francisco de Malabon, and Kawit in Cavite.

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