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You can display a context menu when the user right-clicks a column header or a row header.You can display a context menu when the user right-clicks any cell of the data grid view. Therefore, to get a data grid view, in the Data section of the Toolbox, you can click the Data Grid View button and click the form of your application.If you had clicked the button on the top-right section of the data grid view, you can click the Add Column button.In both cases, the Add Column dialog box would come up: The column of a data grid view is an object of type Data Grid View Column.To delete a column, click it in the Selected Columns list and click the Remove button.

If you visually create a column, a default name would be given to it in the Name text box of the Add Column dialog. After creating a column, to change its name, open the Edit Columns dialog box and click the column in the Selected Columns list.

Therefore, to programmatically create a data grid view, declare a variable of type Data Grid View and add it to the Controls collection of the form.

As a normal Windows control, when creating it, make sure you specify some of the regular characteristics such as the location, the size, the anchoring, the docking, etc.

Here is an example: using namespace System; using namespace System:: Drawing; using namespace System:: Windows:: Forms; public ref class CExercise : public Form ; int APIENTRY Win Main(HINSTANCE h Instance, HINSTANCE h Prev Instance, LPSTR lp Cmd Line, int n Cmd Show) As its name suggests, a data grid view is presented as a grid, which appears like a spreadsheet made of columns.

The columns organize a data grid view in categories of information.

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This would create a black rectangular box on the form: To support the data grid view, the .

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