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D., a master certified Gottman Therapist and Chicago-based couples counselor.It can be purely sexual, or it can be a deeper feeling that someone understands you.It depends entirely on what you’re looking for, Mc Nulty explains.“Attraction can involve looks, personality traits, shared experiences, ability to commit, and context—are you in a bad mood? —among other factors.” Psychologists have found that most of the time, our social intuition is like a superpower.

After a few weeks we ended that relationship permanently. It's even more important than physical attraction because the more you see someone, their flaws which you previously didn't notice will be noticed.But it’s not just looks that shape your snap judgment: That same study shows that even if you’re not physically attracted to someone at first glance, a second region of your brain kicks in to help you decide whether someone’s perceived personality makes them a good catch for you.What if your first impression falls somewhere in the middle? If there’s something nagging you to give them a second shot, listen to your instinct. Maybe you failed to find the contexts or common ground that would help us to connect, Mc Nulty says.This dip in desire is common as your relationship progresses, and it’s not necessarily a sign that something is wrong.In fact, it’s considered normal for passion to shift as time passes, the relationship becomes more stable, and you grow more attached.

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Of the participants polled, 59 percent of men and women said they would go on a second date with someone they had no romantic chemistry with on the first date.

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