Dating and communication problems dating personals phoenix arizona

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Dating and communication problems

’ Then, use words of endearment and encouragement.” —Dr.Suzana Flores, clinical psychologist and author of Facehooked: How Facebook Affects Our Emotions, Relationships, and Lives“I encourage couples to check in with each other on a regular basis, typically weekly.When that happens, we tend to project our hurts and fears on our partner versus truly supporting them.”Sound familiar?I know one couple who gave up complaining for Lent one year — 40 days and nights of not complaining about anything... Afterwards, they said it helped strengthen their relationship and, every time they started to say something non-constructive, they'd try to catch themselves and say it in such a way as not to cause relationship strife.“The foundation of a good relationship is to be able to talk to someone, about anything and everything.If you get stuck arguing about who's right or wrong, or which one of you should get what he or she wants, instead of talking helpfully about what would fix the problem, you are not communicating.However, if you listen to your partner first, you're more likely to be heard.That’s an opportunity to see whether things are going amazingly or if someone’s struggling.

In the long-term, that leads to pent-up frustration and tension and it makes every new thing seem bigger because there are so many other things behind it.“Passive-aggressiveness in relationships is huge,” says Flores.“It’s not the best way to communicate problems and certainly not the best way to end a relationship.“I don’t know any couple that doesn’t need a little work when it comes to healthy communication, respect, positive regard for our partners…Inevitably, we get triggered and we fall into a reactive posture.

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