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Lots of marriage are still arranged (through the tradition of o-miai) and some Japanese think that scuh mrriages are better than love marriages because arranged marriage rarely end up in divorce as their purpose is purely practical - namely to have and raise children.

It can be seen as a business arrangement in which the woman typically quits her job and care of the household and raise the children.

Here is a temptative summary of what I've learned from my social interactions in Japan.

I've also talked with some Korean friends and it seems that Korean and Japanese ways of thinking are very similar regarding the following matter.

On the other hand, Japanese people do not traditionally have a romantic image of marriage, and love is still not regarded as essential by many people (although mores are changing).

As the father of a child born outside marriage in Japan is not legally recognized, the marriage rate of parents is close to 100%.

Marriage is usually a proof of love and commitment for life.

If love disappears, people tend to divorce easily (except sometimes when there are small children, to avoid perturbing them psychologically).

Finally, lots of Westerners think it might cause psychological problems to the children to sleep with their parents.

But this is actually the default situation in most non-Western cultures, and most of the world population seems to be alright with it.

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In most families, children sleep with both parents or just with the mother if the parents sleep separately.