Dating bronze age axe heads

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It look that the ' Gods' messed up with our website ....For some reason this page that you have tried to access doesn't exist for one or more of the following reasons:a) The ' Gods' didn't like itb) Secret services or Governments didn't like itc) Archaeologists or scientists didn't like itord) this page doesn't exist anymoree) There is a temporary error and in that case PLEASE try again! Make sure that you have spelled the link properly otherwise contact us so that our technicians can have a look!The geographic origins of the metals used in Scandinavian mixed-metal (bronze) artifacts can be traced back to Britain and continental Europe, a new study reports.Based on the findings, the authors from Aarhus University, Denmark, estimate that Scandinavia was “dependent” on imported tin and copper at the“4000 years ago, Britain and Central Europe supplied copper and tin to Denmark, which has no metal sources of its own,” the authors write.

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This is underscored by findings of particular isotopic signatures and the particular make-up of the alloys, which allowed the team to track their origins.

Artifacts from between 2000–1700 BC are mainly made from high-impurity copper (fahlore type copper), except those imported from the British isles.

Mr Peirce, 60, will have to split any proceeds with landowner Alfie O'Connell. Mr Peirce said: "We are extremely thrilled and excited because this was a once-in-a-lifetime find.

It's like winning the lottery - you don't think it is going to happen to you."If you speak to other detectorists, they will find a nice coin or something in 20 or 30 years of treasure hunting."You do it as a hobby - you don't do it for the money but if you strike it lucky then so be it." Mr Peirce stumbled upon the field after taking a group of schoolchildren for a day out at the farm near Swanage, Dorset.

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It is very exciting."The axe heads are four inches long and two inches wide and are currently being assessed by the British Museum, which may buy them.

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