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Remember that Buenos Aires has a high rate of infidelity and these women feel somewhat disposable to the next beautiful woman that catches your eye.The threat of another woman will make your femme fatales eyes glow red and bullets will be shooting out of her chest in no time like the fembots in Austin Powers.

You see, Argentina has one of the highest ratio of tools in the world......who are about as "douchey" as douchey can get. Although your Argentine fembot walks the streets with peoples jaws dropping at the sight of her stunning, gorgeous looks, she's looking for someone who will go beyond tossing piropos at her.It is one of those things that are a matter of debate to whether piropos are uplifting or degrading.Not all women in this country fit the stereotype of the Argentine femme fatale but there is definitely a subsector of women in this country that still fall into that category.In our North American society, catcalls are what you associate with dirty mouth construction workers with no class basically degrading female that walk by.But in Argentina, depending on how a piropo is done is can be a great compliment to a woman's beauty.

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Dating in the digital age, specifically how dating is different around the world. to Tokyo, Ansari and Klinenberg traveled the globe, talked with researchers and regular people, and came away with many insights into how dating works today, all packaged with Ansari's quick wit and humor.

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