Dating haram islam yahoo answers 16 and 25 year old dating

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Dating haram islam yahoo answers

Then why is it when it comes to the time when they should be your protectors and support you in the most important decision of your life, they are willing to submit you to abuse? It is often family pressure: they have made promises or commitments to their relatives.Sometimes, their relatives are emotionally blackmailing them by threatening to cut off family ties.Food that one is forced to eat is unpleasant for a short while, but a forced marriage lasts for a long time, and it harms a person and he cannot leave it.

This is akin to cutting of the ties of the womb, which is a sin.

See al-Mughni, 7/364; Fath al-Bāri, 9/194 If the son or daughter likes someone else: Ibn Muflih al-Ḥanbali (may Allāh have mercy on him) said: The parents have no right to force their son to marry someone he does not want.

Shaykh Ibn Tayymiyyah said: Neither of the parents has the right to force their son to marry someone whom he does not want, and if he refuses, he is not sinning by disobeying them, because no one has the right to force him to eat food he finds off-putting when there is food that he wants to eat, and marriage is like that and more so.

Arranged against the person will, without consent or consent under duress.

That is not a marriage in Islam; it is oppression and abuse.

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What parents often do not realize is in wanting to keep their kinships intact, they are destroying their own children.

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