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Dating herend porcelain

The raw materials are mixed with water to form a liquid clay or slip.

Impurities are removed using electromagnets and most of the water is extracted to produce a solid clay body for hand or machine forming.

The four-digit number and letters FH identify the piece and the pattern name.

He led Herend into the twentieth century on a new wave of success.Originally some items were thrown on a potter’s wheel or pressed onto moulds to ensure uniformity.Although manufacturing methods have changed very little since the nineteenth century, semi automation for most of these processes has taken over.Herend started out making earthenware, but by the 1840s was producing porcelain tableware.Early Herend porcelain patterns are similar to Meissen and Sevres designs.

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Herend makes replacement pieces for any of its patterns by special order. For more information on Herend, including a timeline of history and marks, go to