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Now more than ever, the issue of consensual relationships versus coerced activity will be a focus.

And unlike what we often saw in the past, where allegations of harassment were met with skepticism, the presumption of innocence has almost disappeared in many cases.

Additionally, and crucially, employers should have, and consistently update, their harassment policies.

A supervisor who learns of a situation such as the one that led to Bill 168 is under a duty to act, and is best placed to do that when they have a procedure to support them.

An investigation will be required to figure out whether it was romance, harassment, or something in between.

To address this, employers can meet with the employees involved, separately, and inquire, to the best of their ability, as to the true nature of the relationship.

In addition, other employees may view the relationship and any actual or perceived favouritism with jealousy, resulting in poor morale. As the judge said in Dooley, these types of relationships are not unreasonable in modern society (and that case was 20 years ago! It will be impossible to “ban” the relationships — people will just hide them if their employer tries to do so.

Or, perhaps it was, but they were scared to come forward earlier.

There is always the concern that the more senior employee may be misusing her position of authority and be engaged in sexual harassment – this is what led to the dismissal of an employee repeatedly engaging in sexual relationships with two female subordinates in Dooley v. Sometimes it can he hard to know what the true nature of the relationship is, or was.

Even it began consensually, it can turn into harassment, as we have seen in many cases. Ultimately, however, there is no point in thinking that relationships in the workplace should be “banned”.

And, frankly, there is no legal basis upon which an employer can impose a rule, across the board, to control interpersonal relationships.

Instead, employers need to focus on minimizing the disruptive impacts of such relationships at work.

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