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Dating israeli coins

From 1976 - 1978, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi changed the country to an "imperial" calendar, based on the birth of Cyrus rather than the flight of Muhammad.Iranian dates are read from left to right and use the Persian variant of Eastern Arabic numerals.The letter used to represent 4 is a daled #1491; and the letter used to represent 7 is a zayin #1494; To anyone not reading Hebrew these letters can look very similar You're in luck!There is an online Hebrew year conversion tool I found, scroll down to the bottom of it: .

In particular, what is the difference between 19, or 19, or 19, or 19, and 20? Is there a site with pictures of these dates on actual coins?

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He says they probably came from a boat that sank on its way to deliver tax money to Egypt about 1,000 years ago, or that it came from a merchant ship trading among Mediterranean coastal cities.

He says it's a "fascinating and rare historical evidence" from the Fatimid era.

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Using the table below, locate a sequence of 4 numerals.

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