Dating love in oman

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Dating love in oman

The Omani society, as a Muslim society, treats women as precious creatures, and thus would never forgive anyone who looks at them or talks to them in any disrespectful way.So, all visitors must never insult women or try to flirt with them.It’s true that there is alcohol in Oman, but it is only found in hotels, and people don’t usually drink in public.

Omani men usually wear the Nevertheless, they must respect the conservative nature of the country and wear clothes that don’t reveal much skin.That’s why visitors must never mock their leader, or their history.Furthermore, Omanis have developed their own habits and traditions that reflect their beliefs, like their clothes, hospitality and morals.They should also accept their gifts of dates, Omani food and frankincense.It makes Omanis feel appreciated by their visitors and assures that they enjoyed their stay in Oman.

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Moreover, they shouldn’t speak loudly or laugh inside mosques, or let their kids run around and make noises.