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Dr Massey also suggests online dating for busy young professionals.

With a relatively minimal time investment, you can introduce yourself to thousands of young, single people who are also on the dating market.

If this sounds familiar, reference these key insights for a successful relationship from the partner of a recent med school graduate.

Kevin Dwyer is happily engaged to a second-year resident he began dating when she was in medical school, but he admits that their progress as a couple did not come without its lessons and challenges.

I asked Dr Massey if she had any better ideas for meeting potential dates.

She suggests, "Instead of specifically trying to meet the love of your life, start with growing your recreational life, especially in ways that naturally place you in contact with new and interesting people." Letting your recreational life (such as it is) pull double duty is a natural way to improve your odds of meeting a date.

Dr Massey recommends that, by the second date, you should clearly communicate the limitations and unpredictability imposed on your schedule by residency training.

If you're seeing someone regularly, sharing your work schedules can help to create some predictability.

Medical residents work crazy hours with little free time and almost never enough sleep.Two years, 60 extra college credits, and 4 long months of Kaplan MCAT classes under his belt, and he was on his way to medical school.Only two problems remained – I wound up holding down the fort 200 miles in a different city working my “dream” job in public accounting (turning out to be more of a nightmare than a dream) and his medical school acceptance wound up being in the same 200 mile city we were already apart from. Fast forward: We made it through M1 (Medical School Year 1) surprisingly smoothly, with my job change to a more stable corporate 9-5 accounting job backing us up. I feel like we are still plugging along: the distance, the phone calls, all his studying, me working everyday and maintaining the house I own, but now I feel it getting harder and harder to wait for that graduation day.Weekend sport teams, book clubs, or even regular attendance in some fitness classes can fit the bill.Realistically, though, you're not always going to have time for these types of activities.

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I sit here on a Sunday night typing this story, wondering if I really do see the light at the end of the tunnel or if I am just continuously playing some twisted waiting game.