Dating rock net

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Dating rock net

The process then repeats for as long as the teacher feels appropriate.At the end of the exercise, each student should be asked who they felt they were best matched with. Any character who has more than one person choosing them as their ‘top date’ should then be given the opportunity to hear from each one of these ‘suitors’ about why they are better matched than their rivals.He is a hard rock guitarist and singer whose popularity was birthed in the 1970s on his hits by the name Wango Tango, Cat Scratch Fever and Stranglehold.His passion for music was evident since his childhood when he began playing instruments at the age of 6 years.

1-12), whilst the members of the second should be given a letter (e.g. Pair the students in the format A-1, B-2, C-3 and so on, then give each pair a strictly limited amount of time to judge the degree of similarity for each category (making brief notes and awarding a score from -2 to 2, for example) – my Class Tools countdown timer is ideal in this way for setting up a series of countdown clocks that can run in sequence: When the time is up, all of the ‘numbered’ students should move around so that we end up with new pairings (A-2, B-3 and so on, all the way up to L-1).

In this format, all students are given an open question or a thesis statement to form a judgement upon.

Each student has a short amount of time to formulate their response to the question, and then students are paired up to exchange their ideas.

The individual can then choose a winner, or the class could vote instead.

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However, the speed-dating technique can also be used to compare and contrast factors, objects, themes or events in any field (different types of rocks, chemical elements, revolutions, inventions…).