Dating schick injector razors

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Use just enough pressure to hold the razor head to your face & use short strokes.

I love all my injectors but the E type is my favorite, not only shave-wise but also the beautiful Bakelite handle is cool, especially with the reddish thin lines swirling through the butterscotch color. I assume I should not open it too much to save the spring? It is identical to the one above but with 2 stops for the spring one on each side.

I even got a second one of them to make sure that the first wasn't problematic. I still love having the razor and WILL conquer it one day but for now, I get great, problem free shaves from all of my other Injectors. The E3's and G1's are about the same and a little less aggressive than the E2.

But when I want to shave like grandpa, I grab my E2. They have some bite, but it's not too bad, and man! They're the reason I got rid of my Cobra Classic razors (I had several). andrewjs18, try holding the head and blade flat on your face, tilt minimally, keeping the edge virtually straight up/down.

The E3's and G1's are about the same and a little less aggressive than the E2.

My I series razors are just about right for me and I use them the most.

Bjorn I have a love/hate relationship with my E types. They shave extremely well, but they have also cut me worse than any other razor. Th E-1 as far as I can find, according to The Schick dating page, it had a different shaped spring, a flattened ( squared off? Can't say for sure as I haven't found one yet though I have all the E's otherwise.

I find that the E2 is by far the most aggressive of the Injectors, even a bit more than my adjustable M series dialed up all the way.

On July 1, 2015, Energizer split into two companies with Schick falling under Edgewell Personal Care.

Schick sold the company in 1928 to start another unrelated company bearing his name which marketed his newly invented electric shavers.

The E3's and G1's are about the same and a little less aggressive than the E2.

Andrew, the blades that you got from Amazon are the Chinese Schick blades if they are the ones in the yellow blister pack.

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