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Dating simulation games forum

Moreover, how is consent defined if the “person” being taken advantage of is literally a digital object?

Given our current level of technological sophistication, this thought experiment doesn’t hold much urgency, but the question has become a popular one to explore within recent film and television.

Dating Simulators or “dating sims” are the most prominent example of what I have termed the “gamification of intimacy.” These sims are a sub-genre of video games which center a user forming and maintaining romantic relationships with digital partners — often making use of still developing technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

It is clear that dating sims are increasing in popularity, and that they are having a positive impact on previously excluded demographics.

Its most direct translation is “maiden game,” and this sub-genre of dating sim has attracted roughly 22 million users online.

Otome games are a prime example of dating sims attempting to attract a wider audience.

It is also interesting to note when looking at dating sims targeted to men and women respectively: both make the design and narrative choices to feature stereotypically traditional gender roles.

These games usually stick to a heteronormative romantic-narrative formula.

This genre of simulator is titled an “otome” game (乙女ゲーム Otome gēmu).A cultural shift which has roots in serving a male audience is one to be wary of, especially within the context of teaching and defining consent.A company making strides in diversifying the rigid gender roles present within dating sims is Bloom Digital Media, the boutique video game company behind allows users to decide their gender, and the genders they are attracted to.In turn, perhaps these games provide the desired comfort users lack in their real-life interpersonal relationships.However, it is important to remain cautious when discussing this particular justification for stereotyped characters — since it tends to exclude members of the LGBTQ community who also engage with this genre of games.

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