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Of the leading or emerging giants who led the field out of the wartime constraints and the early postwar era of intellectual confusion, xi some have died (among them Inoue Mitsusada, Toyoda Takeshi, and Wakamori Taro), and many have retired and have been honored with festschrifts (among them Takeuchi Rizo, Furushima Toshio, Kodama Kota, and Miyamoto Mataji, to name those with whom I have been especially associated). With their passing from the historical scene, a newer group of scholars with new theoritical approaches and new subjects of concern is taking their place. 26 Unknown 27 always good they water 28 Big bladder pod bloom and good poppies even on Pima Canyon 29 Unknown but must be good 30 Big bladder pod bloom on south side and good bloom in park 31 Good wildflowers not sure we will see Brittlebush.32 Drive by was ok 33 Unknown 34 Good bloom now 35 They water so should be good 36 Scouted 3 weeks ago lots of weeds but some good blooms 37-41 Nothing 42 should start showing if anyone would like to scout it for me 43 Unknown 44 is showing normal bloom 45 Poppies Now 46 Was blooming 3 weeks ago so should still look good 47 Nothing 48 Big bloom now and should last weeks. They initiated me into Japanese studies in the United States. 1) Printed in the United States of America This book is dedicated to the memory of the first generation of scholars in Japanese studies. Shio Sakanishi, the first Japanese librarian at the Library of Congress. The present volume, containing just under 1000 entries, leaves to yet another volume coverage of such subjects as the history of literature, the arts, folklore, and education.

It is a very interesting year the Brittlebush started blooming last year and is now on its 2nd and 3rd set of blooms so they are looking tired but still could carpet. In the 1950s, it did indeed seem possible to compile within a single volume the materials published in the field of Japanese history, despite the fact that history was then-as it is today-the most prolific among scholarly disciplines in Japan. As with the other volumes in the series, it was an attempt to comprehend bibliographically an entire field of Japanese scholarship. But as yet, it does not appear that there has been a visible break between the new and old generations. On behalf of the many non-Japanese historians working in this field, I wish to add this note of appreciation to Naomi Fukuda for what has clearly been a labor of love.

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F83 1984 016.952 84-1807 [DS835] ISBN 0-939512-19-X (pt. Reischauer, whose first work, Early Japanese History (Princeton University Press, 1937, 2v.), I assisted, and Dr.

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