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Dating skull fractures

When an infant is stuck during delivery, the risk of oxygen loss is heightened, and in an attempt to reduce the chances of brain damage, physician may tug too harshly or use birth-assisting tools improperly, in a haste to deliver the baby as quickly as possible.In addition, the pressure on an infant’s skull during delivery may cause a skull fracture, especially if the mother experiences prolonged contractions.Infant skull fractures during birth or any other time, can leave devastating consequences that last a lifetime.In fact, skull fractures remain the leading cause of both death and disabilities in children.

If the child endured a skull fracture as a result of being dropped or having something dropped on him or her, the medical staff person is responsible for having dropped the baby or having dropped the item on the baby. Sometimes the fracture can be something that heals on its own, and sometimes a skull fracture can cause undue bleeding in the brain, seizures, stroke, brain damage, intellectual disability, or even death.

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Most of the patients with occipital condylar fracture, especially with type III, are in a coma and have other associated cervical spinal injuries.

These patients may also present with other lower cranial nerve injuries and hemiplegia or quadriplegia.

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Sometimes a slight fracture can heal itself and should merely be monitored.