Dating someone on the same floor

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Dating someone on the same floor

So honestly, when I heard the phrase 'one-night stand,' I would equate it with weakness and often thought, 'ugh, I would never stand to be treated like a .' Fast-forward to nine months ago, when I found out my husband was having an affair, and let's just say that my perspective is slightly reformed.

What was once the happiest relationship in my life quickly turned into a nightmare.

I realized I had become an adult while his maturity level was the same as when we were 20 years old.

I was expected to do the cooking, the cleaning, pay the bills—everything. While I was invited to black tie events and charity fundraisers, he was happy playing beer pong at the local dive bar.

And when it came to sexual experience, well, let's just say my husband and I had our fair share of handcuffs, whips, and flavored lotions to choose from.

We used to have sex quite frequently, sometimes not resisting in public and nearly getting ourselves arrested…twice.

Maybe it was the effortlessly easy conversation we had, the romance of the setting we were in (full moon, bright stars, crashing waves), or even just the fact that I had been lonely for months. This man acted like a total gentleman, and I didn't feel like the "piece of ass" that I had always associated with one-night trysts. I felt for the first time in months…possibly years.This man struck me as wildly different from my overly-confident (some might even say arrogant) husband—he was kind, humble, secure with himself—and the mere fact that I could maintain an interesting, passionate conversation with him intrigued me.At one point, we were on the dance floor and he took a moment to step away—only to request a dance with the bride's 80-year-old grandmother, whom he made blush after exclaiming how beautiful she looked.While I totally understood sleeping with someone you weren't with, I never could quite grasp the idea of having that someone be a person you met less than 24 hours (or maybe even two) prior.Now, don't go labeling me as an ignorant, unaware, or sexually timid woman who wasted her early adulthood. In fact, I like to think I'm the exact opposite—someone who's strong (I was the president of my industry organizations), independent (you can count me as the main breadwinner of the relationship), and respected by the people I meet.

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Or perhaps it was a combination of all three that took over, despite thinking that I was never this kind of girl. We were both adults, we both knew what it was and that it was what we needed. This was the first time I didn't feel like I was 30 and a pathetic statistic of divorce.

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