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Dating someone you met in rehab

“Out there” feels like a landmine, an obstacle course, and a search for buried treasure that never appears. You’re putting in And as you keep joining dating sites, and updating your profile, and smiling at men in coffee shops, and agreeing to be “set up,” and flirting at parties…you look around and wonder why other people have what you so desperately want. Why haven’t you met your match, and when can you start living the life you’ve dreamed of? The irony today is that we’re more connected and yet more than ever.Rehab is a time in which you are learning to cope with the ups and downs of life without turning to substances.It may also be a time in which any new relationships you form can have an impact on your recovery.You want to say, “I’m done.” Yet something in your heart won’t let you. Technology makes it easy to “meet” someone on the other side of the planet, but it also makes things move fast – too fast for meaningful connections to take root and grow.This isn’t some new car or vacation you have your heart set on. Compared to even 10 years ago, you’ll meet many, many more people. I’ve taught this alternative way of dating to thousands of people who were once heartbroken, burned out, and feeling hopeless that true love would ever appear.Building a support network is part of recovery, and it may seem like the strongest support you could possibly have is by forming a partnership with someone who has the same goals.

While you were using alcohol or drugs, you were attempting to avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings, including feelings of loneliness or rejection.If you are compelled to form romantic relationships and find it very uncomfortable to not have a partner, you may need to consider that you could have a problem with love addiction.The time you spend in rehab is an important time in your life.These emotions can distract you from the work of changing your behaviors and your coping mechanisms and can put you at risk of relapse if you experience rejection or abandonment.Another thing to keep in mind is if a new partner picks up a drink or a drug, it will be much harder for you to resist.

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