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Dating takamine guitars

Every Furch guitar is crafted with accurate precision and maximum attention to detail.

Our manufacturing process includes a number of proprietary technologies that rely on expertise we’ve accumulated over the course of four decades.

Furch guitars are handmade with the help of machines we have designed to achieve unsurpassed quality.

We are a technological pioneer committed to pushing the limits of guitar making regarding sound, precision, and manufacturing technologies.

You can import it from Prague, the Czech republic, Europe! I tried to find answer to this question for a few years.

Dating a G series instrument, however, is not so simple and there is no hard and fast rule.

This way, your guitar will stay in top shape and will be the source of enjoyment throughout your life.

Repair and maintenance services can be obtained from the network of Furch authorized dealers.

Let you imagine that the Acoustic Control Corporation was a small factory and only a few guys worked there what I know of. the Acoustic 412G = MODEL 468 - (Straight, Sealed System) .

the Acoustic 412GS = MODEL 469 - (Slant, Sealed System) .

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Furch guitars are the choice of some of the most discerning players from around the world who profit from our technological innovations, such as soundboard voicing, proprietary UV finish that enhances acoustic properties, or the Furch CNR System Furch guitars and their owners deserve the best available care.