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Posted by / 28-Feb-2020 09:24

Ultimately, getting the CMA certification is a means to get a promotion or better career prospects.

This is a major motivation for why many people get certified.

Furthermore, the pass rate for the Enrolled Agent exam is 61-86%, and the EA exam has long been touted as more difficult than the CMA.

Now that you know you’re going to be waiting on those exam results and there is nothing you can do to hurry them along, the next best thing you CAN do is keep yourself occupied.

I’ll give you a list seven to-do’s, in fact, if you stick with me to the end of this post. For your reference, the CFA exam takes 7-8 weeks to get the results even though the first two levels are fully computerized.

Seriously, so many people immerse themselves in the study process for weeks and even months leading up to the exam day, so now is your chance to reconnect with those close to you.

Go out with friends, spend some quality time with family, or do something nice for yourself. As I said, you’ve probably been deep in the study sessions for a long time now. Whether you choose to go crazy shopping, pay for a luxurious spa or relax on a beach, do something that you truly enjoy.

You can do the following while waiting for the CMA exam results.

If you have half-abandoned your dear ones during the studies, it is the best time to make it up.

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So all in all, it’s about as quick as you can expect these days.

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