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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. — The Piramitd-hridaya Siitra, or, in Chinese, " Mo- ho-po-ye-po-lo-mih-to-sin-king," i.e, " The Great Pfci- mit^ Heart Sutra." Translated from the Chinese by the Rev.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you.

— Assyrian and Hebrew Chronology compared, with a view of showing the extent to which the Hebrew Chronology of XJssher must be modified, in conformity with the Assyrian Canon. The Buddhas of the three ages, relying on i Ms Prajnd P&ramitd, have arrived at the " unsurpassed and enlightened'* condition (samyak-sambodhi). 991 : — '* Denioue csclesti snmus omnes semine oriundi : (Jmnwu M il U idem pater e$t^ unde alma liquentis Umoris gnttas mater cum terra reeepit^ Feta parit nitidas fmges arbnstaque laeta £t genus humanum," etc. 998 :— *' Qua propter merito matemum nomen adepta eat, Cedit item retro de terra quod fiiit ante. * T\ni words of the original here are, Dyaneh pitah Prthirt Motor adhru^ Agne bhrdtar Vaearo mflattk nak, ** Father Heaven, innoxious mother Earth, brother Agni, Vasus, be gracious to us." ' In verse of this hymn they are called/ant^frl, '* the parents.*' * In iii. 2, 16, the Angirasas are said to be dimug Ncfrd A, sons of Dyatts* -iii. 54, 3) ; as having bestowed them on hia worshippers (iii, 34, 8) ; ns sustaining and upholding Uiem (iii.

Tlie Bodhisatwa resting on this Prajufi P&ramit&, no sorrow i or obstruction can then a Sect his heart, for there will be no 28 THE PARAMITA-HBIDAYA SUTKA. Therefore, having no fear or apprehension of evil, removing far from him all the distorting influences of illusive thought, he arrives at the goal of Nirv&na. And, in i Uiutration of the idea that tne Hearen is the fiither of all things, I maj qtuiie bis words, ii. 601) ipoik in like Biaiin«'r of the earth being the uni Tcrsal mother. 29, 6) ; as having generated from lus own body the father and the mother (by which heaven and earth appear to be intended, x.

heart, ought to know i, defilement or purity, addition or destruction. In like manner it is said (in yi L 97, 8) that *^ the divine Heaven and Earth, the parents of the god, hare augmented Brhaspati by their power ;"' (in viii.

Xo such thing aa wisdom, and no such I thing U8 attaining (happiness or rest), as there will not bo ' ought that can be attained. 3, Short, weak, and course, worth from 1Ull VFgetsblfl prudacti iprtng, as well u tlie hams of all Wring crea- 95 C05TBIBUn OXS TO A KNOWLEDGE OF i 89, 4; L 90, 7; L 159, 2; L 160, 2;^ L 185, 11; v. 821 :— '' Cluan etiam atgue etiam maiemum nomen adept* Terra tenet merito^ cponiam genus ipsa crea Tit Ilomanum atqne animal prope certo tempore fiidit," ete.

80 there will be no such thing as ignoranco (avidyi), nor yet freedom from ignorance, and therefore there can be none of its consequences (viz., the twelve nid4nas. 2;5) : and therefore no such thing as decay or death (jara or maranji). So □either can thcro be a method (or way) for destroj-ing the concourse of sorrows. Nee terrestria de salsis exisw lacnnis : Linqidtar ut meriic ma Umum nomen adept* Terra ntf e terra quoniam twmt cmncta areata^** etc Aad again, V.

l Y.— On the Agricultural, Commercial, Pinancial, and Military Statistics of Ceylon.

— Contributions to a Knowledge of the Vedic Theogony and Mythology.

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Sobhdti, the persons who aspire to the perfectly enlightened ' Tluit ii, tli B OOH prindyle or afiujnee which iadades all o Im 24 VAJRA-CHHEDIKA, OR DIAMOND SUTEA. 86, 14) ; as beijig disturbed by liis greatness (vii. 50, 7), the waters are apoksu of u raotbars (Janifrl) of ult m Hum noveablo unil immo Teafa U. 5) as being that given by the ancient expositors who preceded him : " There are three detties according t« the expounders of the Veda {Nairuktd^), rix., Agni, whoso place is on the oarth ; VSyu, or Indra, ,vho6c place is in the atmosphere ; and SQrya (the sun), I Comp.

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