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Also, pouring it into the MC requires care to keep air bubbles from forming. I use LMA in my race cars, because silicone IS a NO-NO for race cars.

But, I haven't been concerned about the brakes on that Elan for an eternity now. Yes, silicone does have a different feel, but it has been fine.

spousta mužů a žen již našla partnery a měla své první rande.

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I learned the hard way that most seals are made of Neoprene, but the British seals are made of pure rubber and most brake fluid will eat pure rubber.

Apparently, Castrol will not attack pure rubber and that's why Castrol LMA is the way to go.

On the vintage race web list (I believe it's also a Yahoo list), there have been a number of times a thread gets started on brakes, and one conclusion is alwaysthat silicone has no place on a car being raced. Stan----- Original Message ----- From: Roger Sieling To: ***@***.*** Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2005 AMSubject: Re: [Lotus] Brake Fluid I've had silicone in my S3-SS for 20 years too.

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DOT 5 Silicone has its own set of problems with regard to seal compatibility if its put in a system previously using glycol based brake fluid (DOT 3 or 4) or if seals are of the wrong material In addition DOT 5 can carry far more dissolved gases and pool entrained water at the lowest point in your braking system (the calipers) where it can cause VERY spongy brakes or total failure.

Martin 72/45 --Stan, There is no ban by anyone I know of, but silicone doesn't seem to take heatfrom racing as well as DOT 3 or 4 fluids.

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