Diamond from crime mob and lil scrappy dating kim kardashian dating a cowboy

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Diamond from crime mob and lil scrappy dating

And while Scrappy was hurt about Diamond revealing her relationship with Scrappy to the world via Twitter before letting him know, things seemed to be peaceful between all parties for the most part, even when Diamond’s name was negatively brought up on the show. The two men basically had a heated exchange on Twitter where threats were thrown.

It’s not clear how the whole mess started, but it seems that Scrappy is looking to finish it–in person.

Lil Scrappy is from Atl too and he's a real Gangster Disciple...other than that other Gd rappers from the south are......

you know that the whole Lil Scrappy and Diamond (formerly from Crime Mob) relationship of yesteryear was a touchy subject for the rapper, seeing as how she broke his heart and allegedly left him to get money with rapper Soulja Boy.

Also in November 2011 Diamond released her single "Buy It All" on BET's 106 & Park.

Diamond released her new single "Loose Screws" in 2012.

Crime Mob is an American hip hop group from Atlanta consisting of six members: M. G., Cyco Black, Princess, Lil' Jay, Diamond, and Killa C.He's been dating the singer Brooke Valentine, for those who may have forgotten she's the one who made the smash hit "Girlfight" On the Southeast(Zone 3) side of Atlanta Georgia.SIDE NOTES: Lil Scrappy is a member of the Gangster Disciples which is a gang apart of the Folk Nation.The two men went back and forth about a “war,” folks being on the down low, who has more money, and other very random things.According to The Jasmine Brand, and from what we can see from her Twitter page, Diamond definitely was sitting back, chilling and watching all the ratchetness take place (and she probably was laughing at two grown men fighting over her), even retweeting some of the quotes.

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Any of you Atl people got details on the club fight?