Dns server reverse lookup not updating

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Dns server reverse lookup not updating

Hello, i am a newbie here, after reading all the answers from the forum, i just can not find any answer I am working in the ISP and the admin of infoblox, currently we are slowly migrating from BIND to Infoblox.

Why would you need a Reverse DNS set up for your DNS server?Its main function is to translate the numeric addresses of the websites - the IP addresses, to domain/host names, as opposed to the Forward DNS process.The Reverse DNS refers also to locating which domain name/host belongs to a given IP address, which is why this process is often referred to as Reverse DNS lookup.The zeros, which are usually omitted in an IPv6 address, are displayed in the Reverse DNS Lookup And just like the regular DNS tools, there are online based tools, which can be used for Reverse DNS Lookups.You can use our tool, located below, to check if there is a Reverse DNS record for any IP address.

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While it is not as necessary to have a Reverse DNS configured for your domain name as it is to configure a Forward DNS, you will get a better guarantee that everything is working hassle free online with a Reverse DNS set up for your host.

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