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I’m not going to approach somebody the same way I would in a loud noisy bar.” Sometimes the context isn’t necessarily so much about the surrounding environment but her internal environment.

And that’s something that you can’t necessarily see all the time.

Maybe he said something a little edgy like, “Hey, you want to get together?

There’s this great bacon place across the street.” And she’s like, “I’m a vegetarian.” You might just have the wrong approach. You might just want to work on either how you’re approaching women or maybe it was the wrong woman at the wrong time. The second reason why you might get rejected is you had the wrong vibe.

You could say the exact same thing as somebody who has a totally different mindset and you might get rejected. That is something that requires more focus on your inner game, advanced relational skills and that we talk about over on our website here.I can tell you this as a guy who had been rejected a few times.The first reason why women reject a guy is he just has the wrong approach.Today we’re going to be talking about five reasons why women reject you.Let’s go ahead and jump right into this because I know a lot of guys don’t like rejection. What you’ll discover is probably not as bad as you think.

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