Eclipse updating plugin dependencies

Posted by / 22-Nov-2020 08:26

Maven is a project build management software, it means it lets you define your project dependencies, features, and behaviors.To do this, Maven downloads plugins and dependencies for various online repositories.My hunch is that this is somehow related to me running maven on the command line as well. Do you have repeatable way to reproduce endless build?I think I saw this problem couple of weeks ago but it went away after I ran "mvn clean package" from command line and refreshed from eclipse. Although I did not have so much tpme to dig it in, if m2eclipse and subversion is used together in the same work space then startup initialization ends up with deadlocks, both trying to acquire semaphores.

Do you have your projects in public source repository that we can access? regards, Eugene --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe from this list, please visit: Do you have repeatable way to reproduce endless build?By default, the Maven tooling does not download the Maven index for the Eclipse IDE.Via the Maven index, you can search for dependencies, select them and add them to your pom file.I have a workspace with three level depth, projects are *not* flat top project has the team nature projects are imported using import maven projects...Regards, Hasan Ceylan I think I have a clue on this issue...

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But reading projects may trigger updating dependencies (especially snapshots), e.g. Perhaps we could try to disable that and also track corner cases that may trigger additional dependency resolution.