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It will need to be your local MP who takes you case up though, as each MP has to represent their constituents.Money Saving has received dozens of emails from distraught people whose payments were stopped.Money Saving later revealed HMRC staff are taking on a backlog of around 2,000 appeals.

However Concentrix is continuing to handle some 200,000 cases which are already open (ie, where Concentrix has notified a person that their tax credit entitlement is being investigated and that they have the standard 30 days to respond).Hannah has mild learning difficulties and finds paperwork a struggle.She used to have a support worker to help her with this type of procedure, but that service was axed due to funding cuts.One 28-year-old single mum from Worcestershire who got in touch - she asked not to be named, so we've called her Hannah - was typical of many of the cases we've seen.She told us she'd resorted to calling Concentrix 67 times in one day after it stopped her tax credits and she was left with no money to feed her two young children.

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Olivia says she's tried calling Concentrix hundreds of times and has been put on hold for up to 50 minutes. Emma told us she'd sent multiple letters to HMRC, spoken to Concentrix and asked her local MP to intervene in the case, but the issue still hasn't been resolved.