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It used to set the standard for Mac IRC clients because it was streamlined, easy, and yet also supported all the usual features. It is hard to recommend Snak now considering that active development ended years ago, and so many free/cheap modern alternatives are now available.For now, Snak still works with Mountain Lion, so we’ll continue to list it here, if nothing else than to serve as a foundation for comparing the newer programs. Everything for each channel is contained in one window, and docking windows will allow multiple channels to share a window to maximize limited screen space.Mac IRC clients are all grown up and have entered the new era of free cloud computing and the Mac App Store.Most apps in this list are free or just a few dollars.A new user would feel comfortable thanks to conversation tracking, address books, .On the other hand, an experienced user would be empowered with advanced features like op and oper actions, flood control, tracking of friends, ignoring of foes, logging, channel-specific input history, and scripting via not just Applescript but all the usual languages. Unusually ambitious in being available for Mac OS X, i OS, and even Windows.Many people like the retro, minimalist look that harkens back to the old days (I’m talking 1990s) where multiple channels are streamed together into a single window, and people relied on typed or shortcut commands to do most things.Either you like that look or you don’t, be sure to look closely at some screen caps before you download.

This is more than most users will need, as you can transfer files, chat on multiple networks, plaster your screen with m IRC colors, and handle scripting via Applescript.Supports both the scripting language from classic irc II for *nix (UNIX, Linux, etc.), so you can tap into the wealth of existing irc II scripts, as well as Applescript scripts.There are also automated responses to events so that you can set up script-like actions without being a scripting expert.This is another of the fully modern Mac IRC clients, with App Store downloads and support for modern features like full screen mode, Notification Center, and Retina Display.Other 3rd party themes are available to change the look.

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