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Relationship/couple time is different from family time, so make sure that every R&R has a portion of family time and couple time.Emotional intimacy and connection grows through regular date nights, it’s the fuel that makes both you and your partner feel loved, cherished and desirable, especially while apart.Date night keeps the fun and positive times in a relationship which provides a healthy balance with the difficult times.Date night is a proactive way to continually create feel good moments helps to keep a strong healthy connection.And we all know how important communication is in a FIFO relationship.Date Night Brings Back the Spark and keeps the Fire burning while apart!Many couples come to me because they have found themselves falling out of love and falling into dangerous territory.

You are using your spare time to the best advantage by having your own matchmaker to introduce you to compatible singles so you can use all your spare time to concentrate on the most important factor and that is finding happiness.

For me date night would take me into another world and remind me that I am a wife and not just a FIFO wife or mum of 3 who is trying her hardest to keep our household running smoothly.

Date night ignites the sparkle in my eyes and into my heart.

The mining industry has created many opportunities for the men and women of Australia to secure jobs with a high income both locally and offshore.

A Demanding job with lots of travel can put enormous pressure on a relationship.

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While you are away working there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that when you are back home on a break that your spare time will be used to meet genuine singles.

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