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Pottery evidence suggests that manioc, which remains a staple foodstuff today, was being cultivated as early as 2000 BCE.

South American cultures began domesticating llamas and alpacas in the highlands of the Andes circa 3500 BCE.

In the Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic eras, South America and Africa were connected in a landmass called Gondwana, as part of the supercontinent Pangaea.While millennia of independent development were interrupted by the Portuguese and Spanish colonization of the late 15th century and the demographic collapse that followed, the continent's mestizo and indigenous cultures remain quite distinct from those of their colonizers.Through the trans-Atlantic slave trade, South America (especially Brazil) became the home of millions of people of the African diaspora.The history of South America is the study of the past, particularly the written record, oral histories, and traditions, passed down from generation to generation on the continent of South America.South America has a history that has a wide range of human cultures and forms of civilization.

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In the last two thousand years, there may have been contact with the Polynesians who sailed to and from the continent across the South Pacific Ocean.

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