Free isex text chat

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Free isex text chat

The demographics of the sample reflect both our patient population nationally as well as general Chat/Text users not enrolled in the study.

About half were people of color and almost 70% were low-income.

These educators use established behavior theory and communication science to answer questions.

They make sure users have a plan of action before they finish up.

Looking at the folks in the chat arm specifically, we found 94% were satisfied with their experience, with 59% of them strongly satisfied. Within ten days of using Chat/Text, one in three users (33%) got to a health center, which was nearly 8% more than the website control group.

Over 91% agreed that “After chatting I feel more confident I can deal with the main issue I chatted about,” and 62% of these folks strongly agreed. By the last survey at three months, more than half (56%) of the Chat/Text arm got to a health center. And if you look at appointments scheduled and health center attendance at the 90-day mark, 67% of those who used Chat/Text either had an appointment or had been to a health center.

In non-technical terms, this means we compared the ways outcomes differed by study arm, controlling for the variables.Over time, our user demographics have been fairly consistent.About 75% are 15-24 years old, 90% identify as women, and 45% identify as people of color.We limited the study to individuals who hadn’t previously used the Chat/Text service. Of those, half consented to participate in the study.There were no systematic differences between those who consented and those who didn’t.

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